Glamyo Dental Fraud Case - Beware of this SCAM

Are you considering getting dental treatment from Glamyo Dental? Think again. I want to share my harrowing experience as a cautionary tale to save others from falling into the trap of this fraudulent company. My case number is 91XXXX772, and it's a tale of unfulfilled promises, lack of communication, and a seemingly endless runaround.

The Initial Hope Before the scam:

I initially thought Glamyo Dental would provide the dental treatment I needed. I made my first payment on October 28, 2022, filled with hope for a brighter smile. Little did I know what awaited me.

After the initial payment, I received an email response from Glamyo Dental on November 4, 2022. That's where the communication ended. Despite my repeated attempts to contact Dr. Karan Sharma, the doctor responsible for my treatment, and the company itself, my cries for updates fell on deaf ears.

On November 10, 2022, I made another payment of ₹40,000, converting it into EMIs. This should have marked the path to progress. However, the first set of aligners only arrived on January 9, 2023. Subsequent requests for more aligners were met with frustrating silence. The second set arrived on May 15, 2023, and the third on July 14, 2023. It felt like pulling teeth to get any response from Glamyo Dental.

According to their plan my treatment should be completed within a year but Its been 10 months and my treatment is not yet half completed.

I have almost 17 contact numbers of their team but all are just "Not Reachable or Switched Off" and only 1-2 contact numbers are working, on which they are not answering calls. 

 So you can imagine the professionalism of this company.

False Promises:

Glamyo Dental's treatment plan promised regular evaluations to ensure things were on track. But there were no evaluations, no doctor visits, not even a courtesy phone call to discuss my progress. The actual delivery of aligners also deviated significantly from their promises. I received fewer aligners than expected, causing unnecessary delays.

The Frustrating Hunt for Answers:

I spent hours trying to reach out to Glamyo Dental team members at provided numbers. Most of the time, they were unresponsive, and some of their numbers were not even functional. The frustration reached its peak when Mr. Sanjeev, the only one who answered, also failed to provide any meaningful assistance.

My Plea for Resolution:

In light of these unresolved issues and the considerable delay in my treatment, I have one simple request: a refund for the treatment. Glamyo Dental failed to provide the treatment and results they promised in a timely manner. I deserve better.


If you value your time, money, and dental health, I strongly advise against seeking treatment from Glamyo Dental. My experience has been nothing short of a nightmare, and I hope that sharing my story will help others avoid the same fate. Glamyo Dental is a dental scam that preys on people's trust and leaves them with nothing but disappointment and frustration. Don't be the next victim.

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